Joe Greco

Joe Greco

Stoicon-X 2023: Philadelphia

On Sunday, December 2, 2023, the City of Brotherly Love witnessed the first-ever Stoic conference in Philadelphia history, gathering of over fifty (50) individuals on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania seeking wisdom and tranquility at Stoicon-X Philadelphia. Organized by Philadelphia Stoa, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the resurgence of Stoicism in the greater Philadelphia area, this conference delved into the profound question, “Does Virtue Foster Wellbeing?” Attendees were invited to explore the intricate connection between Stoic virtue and overall wellbeing, aiming to unravel the secrets of a stable, virtue-driven life.

Stoicism, an ancient philosophy founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd century BCE, emphasizes the development of personal virtue as the key to a flourishing life. The conference aimed to explore the impact of Stoic virtue on both interpersonal and emotional foundations, shedding light on the profound connection between virtue and overall wellbeing.

Distinguished Speakers

The conference featured three captivating talks by distinguished speakers, each offering a unique perspective on the relationship between virtue and wellbeing. Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights from experts who illuminated the practical applications of Stoic philosophy in the modern world.

The first speaker, Dr. Amjol Shrestha opened with a presentation entitled “What Can Stoic Practice Tell Us About Emotions” which offered an interesting view into Stoic principles of emotional and cognitive intelligence.

Second, Dr. Elain Yuen offered the presentation “The Noble Eightfold Path: Buddhist View, Ethics, and Meditation,” which offered a primer on basic Buddhist ideology and a comparison between Buddhist and Stoic ideals. 

The final presentation, by Gregory Lopez, entitled “Basics of Stoic Psychology” delved into the ways in which Stoics can avoid allowing their impressions to. His presentation, focused on the relationship between preconceptions and assent, offered listeners a way to avoid false impressions in daily life.

Panel Discussion

Lastly, the Board of Directors hosted a Q&A session where they spoke about the vision for Philadelphia Stoa’s future, including the goals of the group. Audience participation was encouraged.

Social Hour

Beyond the intellectual stimulation, Stoicon-X Philadelphia provided a space for attendees to connect on a personal level during the social hour. Sharing experiences, insights, and thoughts, participants built connections with fellow Stoics, creating a supportive community within the City of Brotherly Love.

Our Vision

By organizing Stoicon-X Philadelphia, the organization aimed to create a platform for individuals to immerse themselves in the teachings of Stoicism and apply them to their daily lives. The goal is to foster a community of like-minded individuals who, inspired by Stoic principles, can navigate life’s challenges with resilience, wisdom, and virtue.


Stoicon-X Philadelphia 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore the profound question of whether virtue fosters wellbeing. The Philadelphia Stoa’s commitment to reviving Stoicism in the region was evident in the meticulously curated talks, engaging panel discussions, and the warm camaraderie during the social hour. Attendees left the conference not only with a deeper understanding of Stoic philosophy but also with a sense of belonging to a community dedicated to virtue and wellbeing. As the City of Brotherly Love embraced Stoicism on that December day, Stoicon-X Philadelphia became a beacon of wisdom and tranquility in the modern world. Marking calendars for future events, attendees departed, enriched and inspired by the timeless teachings of Stoicism.