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Deepen your understanding of virtue and its relationship to wellbeing


Inspire attendees to commit to personal growth and strive to embody virtues in their everyday actions.


Foster connections among attendees to understand the importance of having a community of individuals committed to virtue.

Practical Skills

Learn frameworks and resources to navigate complex moral dilemmas effectively.

"does virtue foster wellBEING?"

In this inquiry into the benefits of living a virtue-driven life, we will explore the connection between Stoic virtue and wellbeing.

We aim for attendees to understand the value of virtue in fostering stable mental and emotional foundations.

These principles will form the basis for the Philadelphia Stoa community. The conference explores the practical application of these philosophies in today’s world and seeks to build a virtue-centered community.

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We’re leading the rebirth of the ancient philosophy of Stoicism to meet the challenges of modernity. We aim to resurrect the definition of what it meant to be a philosopher in antiquity—a person who strives to live a philosophical life. 

Through the practice of applying virtue ethics, reason, and critical thinking to our collective human experience, we endeavor to unlock the personal flourishing that is possible within all of us.

schedule OF event

Intro & Welcome by Bill Broadwater, founder of Philadelphia Stoa.
An investigation into Stoic virtue by Amjol Shrestha, director & co-founder of Philadelphia Stoa.
Presentation by Dr. Elaine Yuen.
Join us for a panel discussion to meet the founders of Philadelphia Stoa and our future plans for the organization.
Join us for a presentation from Greg Lopez.
Join us at the New Deck Tavern for the happy hour.

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event speakers

Come meet some of the leading Stoic thinkers and philosophers in Philadelphia today.

Dr. Elaine Yuen

Associate professor, researcher, and interfaith chaplain at Thomas Jefferson University.

Mr. Greg Lopez

Founder of NYC Stoics, co-founder of The Stoic Fellowship, and member of Modern Stoicism.

SUGGESTED donation levels

Attendance to the event is free but donations are strongly encouraged. Help us cover our costs for speaker fees, refreshments, and the venue rental!



full conference

Free Signed Book

Special Recognition from Board



full conference

Free Stoicism E-book

Special Recognition From Board​



full conference

Free Stoicism e-book

Special Recognition From Board​

directionS to the venue

E. Craig Sweeten Alumni House @ UNIV OF PENN

3533 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA 19104