Our Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Philadelphia Stoa is a philosophical society dedicated to pursuing life through the virtues of wisdom, justice, temperance, and courage. We believe that the practice of Stoicism produces a rational individual, a united community, and an ethical world.

Flourishing through Reason

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The purpose of our organization is to introduce Stoic philosophy to everyone who is interested in unlocking personal flourishing through applied reason. This includes not only learning and discussing Stoic doctrine about how to live a rational and coherent life, but also practicing Stoic principles to address personal challenges in our daily lives. An important element as we progress in our practice of Stoicism involves taking part in our community. Our organization addresses local issues pertinent to the greater Philadelphia community, but we have members from all over the world.

Our Values


Rational discussion is a hallmark of Stoicism. Everyone is free to share their insights and respectfully disagree. We encourage the presentation of diverging viewpoints.


We strive to learn the material and apply it to our daily lives. As members, we aspire to become better people both individually and also together on our Stoic journeys.


Our meetings foster an intellectual safe harbor where members can discuss real life issues in an environment of trust.


We aren't a debate club. While group discussions are integral to our community, we seek to spread the word of Stoicism through acts of charity and philanthropy.

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